Advanced CRM/ERP software powered by A.I. for your insurance agency

Everything is under control thanks to advanced software that you can do all insurance transactions on one screen, quickly and easily.


One-stop Quick Access to Your Business and Business Partners

With Gallus Insurtech, you can track your policies, customers, affiliated agencies, commissions, official insurance accounting, and share business with your other branches, from anywhere you want and with any device connected to the internet.

A comprehensive insurance agency management
program that makes your job easier

Achieve high growth targets by focusing on sales and marketing, thanks to our software that minimizes paperwork and saves you time.

Gallus Core Module

You can follow the transaction history of your personnel and sub-agents by using the basic features required for insurence agency management.

Fast Insurance Quote Module

High performance policy proposal collection module

Insurance Accounting Module

Instant current card and balance sheet account tracking thanks to the integrated accounting module.

Integrated Customer Relationship (CRM) Module

Powered by artificial intelligence; Advanced customer relations (CRM) module that enables cross-selling.

Internet Insurance Module

B2C e-commerce module developed for insurance agents to automatically bid and sell policies on their web pages

Instant Reporting Module

A reporting module that allows the main and secondary agencies to instantly monitor all kinds of sales, proposals and accounting transactions.

High Security

Your data is always safe with our high security infrastructure!

Intelligent Design

Intelligent design that is prepared by taking user experience into consideration!


Ease of use with the interface which is designed for you!


Choose the suitable package for your insurance agent and start using it immediately.

    1 User  0.00 /mo

    500 TL/Company for the first installation integration of the Fast Insurance Quote Module.

    18% VAT is not included in our prices.

    Billing is made monthly and annually, increasing for each added user based on the minimum number of users in the package.

    The fee per user varies according to the packages.


    Download now the advanced software that you can do all insurance transactions quickly and easily on one screen!


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    Feedback from our customers is very important to us.

    Thanks to the advanced screen program, our company and customer data are safe ...

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